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Managing Confusion in the Workplace

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Written by Andrew Collins

Confusion can cause chaos in the workplace and if there is no management it can lead to losses.

Confusion is realized when there are unpredictable happenings that leave individuals stranded. These happenings do not seem to have immediate solutions. For example, a secretary working at Keller Law Offices, is receiving multiple calls at the same time. She may be confused about what to do at that moment.

Understanding confusion is very important because it will help you to get solutions to what is happening. Take time and get to know what the confusion is made up of so that you can bring the pieces together to ensure everything is in order. When you are not able to solve a problem at hand it can lead to huge confusion later.

Causes of Confusion in the Workplace

Listed below are the causes of workplace confusion.


This is where managers closely are observant of what the employees are doing. These managers have to keep reminding their employees about their work and control them. This means the employee is always receiving constant instruction and cannot have a sense of freedom while working. It can be frustrating and confusing at the same time. This is because it makes the employees work out of fear.

Changes in Processes

You can find yourself in confusion when changes occur in the workplace when you are not prepared. For example, moving from analog to digital bookkeeping. When you are used to a certain way of doing things and they change all of a sudden it may bring your confusion because you may not have the knowledge and the skill on what to do. Being able to adapt these changes may also take time.

Poor Communication

Assumption is the lowest form of communication. It is important when you have not understood a directive you consult. Do not guess or try to figure out what you are expected to do. Many employees do this and they end up frustrated and confused because they invested their time on something that was not required. Getting clarifications on your job description is very important because it will help you to avoid frustrations and at the workplace.

Rules and Restrictions

Rules and restrictions can cause employees to live in an uncomfortable environment. For if employees are restricted to internet usage and how long they are expected to stay in the office it may leave them frustrated and confused.

How to Manage Confusion in the Workplace

Outline Employees Workflow

It is important to clearly lay out your expectations from your employees. Ensure you also give timelines. Do not change expectations in the middle of a task because it will bring confusion to them. By communicating directions and processes properly you will avoid confusion.

Beat deadlines

As an employee, it is essential to understand the impact of beating deadlines. You will be able to reduce the workload and give room for workflow. When you don’t meet deadlines the possibility of you disrupting the workflow will be very high. It can also affect your customer’s loyalty when you don’t deliver one time. To avoid confusion over the workflow it is important to keep a reminder on when you are supposed to finish a task.

Be an Influential Leader

For you to lead a people you need to be an influential leader. This means you are able to influence them by modeling behaviors you want to see. For example, if you want employees to listen to you it is also essential that you consider listening to them. Understanding their needs and their point of view concerning a specific decision is very important. When you do this you will work together in harmony because everyone understands their role.

Plan your calendar

When you have a planned calendar you will know what you are expected to do on a daily basis. Many people do not see the essence of planning their calendar and that’s why you will find them confused. A calendar acts as a reminder and a plan on what you are expected to do. For example, when you know there’s a specific meeting you are expected to attend the following week, you will plan ahead so that you can leave everything in order. If you do not do this the likelihood of you getting into confusion when you come back to work is very high.

In conclusion, it is important for organizations to know how they can manage confusion for a seamless workflow.

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