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10 Questions to Raise When Hiring a Social Media Marketing Consultant

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Written by Andrew Collins

In this era of technological advancement, knowledge of social media marketing is essential. Social media is the best marketing platform for many business owners or entrepreneurs. However, hiring the best social media marketing consultant becomes daunting at times.

In this article, we shall tip you with essential factors you should consider when hiring a social media marketing consultant. Continue reading to find out more.

Should We Stop the Other Marketing/Advertising Strategies?

This is a tricky question to ask a social media marketing consultant before hiring them. If yes is there answer, you should rethink on hiring them. Not all businesses are the same.

Also, social media marketing must be integrated with other forms of marketing and advertisement for better results. Also, social media is just one of the many types of online marketing. Any knowledgeable social media marketing consultant will not advise you to stop the other existing forms of marketing and advertisement.

What Do They Use Social Media For and Why?

People use social media for various reasons. Some use it for fun by uploading their photos and sharing their memories with their friends. Others use it for finding and making friends.

However, a good social media consultant will tell/show you how they use social media concerning the business.

When Did They Start Using Social Media?

You can’t start using social media today and expect to be a social media marketing consultant tomorrow. You must know how to use it. You have to make friends and be known worldwide.

How Much Will It Cost?

Apart from the monthly payment, you agree with your social media marketing consultant; you must be aware of additional hidden costs. Remember you have a budget for your business which must be adhered to.

How Do They Deal With Inconveniences?

As we all know, social media is a free platform where anybody can do anything they want. How will they deal with negative comments? How can they handle a social media crisis?

Let your social media marketing consultant explain to you how to deal with such problems before you hire them.

How Do We Track ROI?

Some consultants may simply want to have more likes and comments on social media accounts. A good consultant should have mechanisms in place to analyze conversion rates and monitor results. They should be accountable for everything that happens within their jurisdictions.

Where Can We Find Reference For Your Work?

Any experienced social media marketing consultant won’t hesitate to give you a list of references for clients they have worked with.

This question will help you determine the level of experience the consultant has.

How Do They Prepare Strategic Plans?

For anything to be successful, a plan is essential. They must be knowledgeable with writing content to market your business. The content they create must be catchy to generate traffic to their sites.

How Do They Help You Achieve Your Goals?

You will only work well with a consult if you are on the same page. The social media consultant must know your business goals and objectives and must be ready to help you achieve them. They must be prepared to be part of your business since all this is for your business.

Which Social Media Platform Do They Specialize in?

Sometimes a social media campaign could backfire. What happens if you specialized on one social media platform and it doesn’t work as expected? Besides concentrating on one social media platform, a good consultant will know and be able to use all the social media platforms with ease.

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