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Brand Licensing Processes

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Written by Andrew Collins

Do you know what brand licensing is? This is a way of letting another company use your name or logo for marketing their products. You will have to use legal means to avoid losing your brand and all the incomes that come with it. Make sure you will have a legalized lawyer who will witness the whole process and keep original or copies of the testimonials. Read on to find out what the process entails.

Be Your Expert

Before you get to the process of licensing, make sure that you research and get all the information you need. Make sure you have made up your mind on what you want to get from the brand. Get to know a certified attorney who will guide you through swiftly.

Make your Brand Unique

Most brands look similar; therefore, you need to think outside the box. Look for exciting ideas that will make your brand attractive to your customers. This will help the brand more accessible and bring extra income.

Do not File Returns too Early

Give yourself time to grow your brand before registering for a patent. You will be free to make changes without additional cost. There are so many ideas that come after you launch your brand; therefore, make sure you are content with your brand before you file for a patent.

Find your Market

You identify your brand, establish it before registering for a patent. Visit various companies to see if they will receive your idea positively. If several companies show interest, then you are sure to go ahead and register for patents.

In case no one is interested in you being the brand, you do not have to waste your money in the registration process. However, it is not time to give up instead, focus, improve and make it unique. Take your time and put your idea into an action since you never know the next time you try it will be received positively.

Create Licensing Guidelines

This is a way to express the rules and regulations that must be followed. You will be able to determine those who sincerely want to do business with you. You will be able to protect your brand from being misused by competitors. Make sure that every guideline is taken seriously.

Use Legal Channels

When creating a brand, you will learn that it must be unique and registered. This is a way to help you enjoy your earning without anyone else depending on you illegally. Make sure that after registering it, you connect with a certified lawyer. The lawyer will help you in the licensing process. Everyone who wants to lease your brand must undergo the licensing process.

License only the well Managed Respected and Finance Companies

You will be able to evade loss and unnecessary misunderstanding. Additionally, your brand will be able to market itself without any expenses. Well managed and respected companies will always adhere to the guidelines that you set when signing the contract.

Make a List of Brands you should License.

This will help get the right partners who want the services you offer. It will also save you time taken with wrong partners. No one will have to ask for brands that are not authorized. You will also be able to trace anyone who is using unauthorized brands easily.

Do not license partners to only one field or area

Make sure that you permit your brand in all regions and fields. It will be easy to make your brand known in all areas in a short time. Marketing expenses will also reduce since your partners will do the marketing at their own cost.

License Fee

You must indicate a fee that every organization must pay to get the license. Also, it should be done in the form of a contract that has to be signed and witnessed by third parties. The license fee can be annually, monthly or the number of years agreed as a lease. There should be penalties for those who delay the payments in the agreed time.


When your brand is licensed, no one can steal it or use it to make money without your permission. You can sue that person and make sure their business does go on illegally.

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