How Wholesale Paper Bags Help with Brand Enhancement

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Written by Andrew Collins

Enhancing your brand is key if you want to succeed. This is especially true if you’re one of the millions of people who are opening their own small businesses thanks to the ease of access that the internet provides. Brand enhancement can be easily incorporated using custom printed tissue paper, for example.

However, to do that, you need to have a multitude of tools at your disposal. One of the tools we recommend is the use of wholesale paper bags. That might seem like an odd recommendation when talking about brand enhancement, but hear us out. There are several benefits that paper bags offer your company.


1: Brand Alignment with Social Expectations


The modern consumer doesn’t just go to whichever store is cheapest. Obviously, price factors into their purchasing decisions considerably, but they also want to know that the brands they’re supporting match their values.

Today, one of the hot topics consumers are concerned with is the state of our planet and being more eco-friendly. Paper bags help with that. They’re biodegradable, require minimal manufacturing, and thanks to modern technology, they’re made from far more sustainable resources than what they used to.

When you adopt paper bags into your business model, you show your customers that you’re aligned with their desire to be more eco-friendly, and that persuades them to keep coming back and supporting your business.


2: They’re Cost-Effective


Plastic bags were meant to be cheap and reusable. Except, the average consumer doesn’t reuse them, and modern paper bags can be purchased wholesale for about the same price as plastic bags. So, there really aren’t any special benefits to using plastic anymore. Paper options are just as cheap, far better for the environment, and easy to come across in bulk.

By switching to paper bags, you can gain all the other benefits we talk about without increasing your operational costs or otherwise impacting on your bottom line. In fact, since you become more aligned with your customer’s values, you can potentially see dramatic growth because of them.


3: Perfect Opportunity for Brand Recognition


Paper bags don’t have to be boring, drab, brown bags. Just like plastic bags, they can be branded with whatever imagery or text you want. This is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your brand’s recognition.

You can order your wholesale paper bags with your brand’s imagery, and maybe even add a friendly reminder that they’re eco-friendly, to make your customers not only remember who you are, but to also attach your brand’s imagery to eco-friendly values. This essentially kills two birds with one stone, and you can’t underestimate how powerful a tool it is for your business.


4: Suppliers with Trackable Claims


Offering eco-friendly options doesn’t really matter in business if you can’t prove that what you’re doing is eco-friendly. There are plenty of examples of companies trying to leverage brand alignment just for consumers to realize they weren’t being truthful, and then the attempt had the opposite of the expected result.

Paper bags made by eco-friendly companies are easily trackable so you can see how the materials were sourced, manufactured, and distributed. This helps a lot for proving you’re making good decisions, and it should give you peace of mind, as well.

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