How to Grow Your Business With Minimal Resources

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Written by Andrew Collins

Expanding your business is a well-intentioned goal as well as a necessity for the survival of your business and economic security. Do you know there are simple things that you can apply to get your business beyond the survival level and turn it into economic powerhouses? Try any of the strategies below. They have stood the test of time and with a little planning and investment, will be productive for you.

Penetrate Your Current Market

Getting new clients is the number one thing that you think of when you decide to expand your business. Reaching out to existing clients who are already using your products and services is easier than getting new buyers. It is therefore advisable to concentrate on already existing clients.

Entice them with offers and various promotions, discounts and sales. They will always yield sales.

Ask for Referrals

Bringing in new clients is also a good approach. One of the simplest ways of attracting potential clients is by asking your current clients for recommendations and referrals. Great products, excellent customer support, and word of mouth from your clients may not be enough.

You can ask your new clients if they are satisfied with the job or product after serving them.  Find out from them if they know if anyone else who might be interested in what you offer.

Revolutionize Your Product or Service and Cover a Wider Niche

One of the best ways to develop your business is to discover and promote new uses for what you offer as it will entice clients to buy more and attract new ones. Diversity is also key to successful growth.

You want to concentrate on the related requirements of your already existing market or market segments with similar needs and features. A painter can opt to sell frames and offer framing services.  A musician may sell musical instruments and musical items along with his music CDs.

Franchising and Exporting

Stories about entrepreneurs who have made it globally are so many, and believe it or not, they are real. Most of them have become famous and successful through franchising and expanding into international markets.  With a prosperous business, you can develop a system that guarantees that others can emulate your success, franchising may be the boost required to fast track your business.

Expanding into global markets involves a huge commitment of time and resources, but it can be very profitable.

And Finally For Entrepreneurs

And with that, you can expand your business with whatever you have at hand.  Most of them do not need a lot of resources apart from going international.  The list should not overwhelm you.  Pick one at a time and see how it works for you.  Alternatively, you can suit any of them to your business and situation and improve your plan of expansion.

The growth of the business may not be instantaneous, whichever method of expanding your business you pick, progress will be noticeable if you stick to it, and it will eventually change your business into what you have always wanted it to be.

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