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Differences Between a True Leader and a Boss.

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Written by Andrew Collins

The words leader and boss are often used as synonyms but there are quite different. Most of the time, the word boss is used as a negative reference. When someone is termed as ‘bossy’, your impression about them is that the person is proud.

Here are the differences between a leader and a boss.

Leaders Listen

Leaders give a chance for their employees to air their opinions. They are always ready to learn new things from their employees. This motivates employees to work better. It also improves teamwork which in turn results in the success of the organization. On the other hand, bosses behave like they know it all. They do not give a chance for employees to air their views. All they do is give commands and expect them to be followed to the latter.

Leaders Are Not Unfair.

Leaders practice equality for all their employees. They do not let personal feelings towards employees get into the work environment. When an employee does a mistake, they give positive criticism in a private setting. A leader can never scold an employee in front of their peers. Leaders treat their employees with a lot of empathy. This is not the case with bosses. Bosses can be unfair sometimes. Inequality at a workplace demotivated decreases teamwork and creates enmity between employees. Without teamwork, an organization is bound to fail. Personal feelings should never be expressed in the workplace. Employees are human. They are not some kind of perfect robot. At some time, they will make mistakes. When an employee does a mistake, all he or she needs is a correction, not scolding.

Leaders Are Part of The Team

Leaders work hand in hand with their employees. This is because leaders view the employees as equal contributors to the work being done and not just subordinates. While working together with their employees, leaders inspire them to work best. It also enhances creativity, open communication, and team building. When a leader interacts and works hand in hand with their employees, he or she is able to know each employee well and can explain the business’s vision to the employees in a way that they understand.

On the other hand, bosses never interact with their employees. They give commands, stand aside and supervise without being part of the work being done.

Leaders Want to See Their Employees Grow

A leader is interested in the growth of the employees. A leaders main objective is not only financial results or achievement of set goals. In as much as he/she is interested in achieving the vision of the company, a leader also aspires to see employees grow as people. A leader inspires performances and wants to see the employees flourish. Bosses on the other side have only one objective, that is to make profits. A boss is not interested in the growth of the employees. All a boss wants is the best financial results for the business.

Leaders Use a Respect System

Leaders don’t instill fear in their employees. They are friendly and work on a respect system. Respect is usually earned through proper treatment of employees. On the other hand, bosses operate on a fear system. They instill fear in their employees. Bosses can even set unfair deadlines. Instilling fear in employees reduces their performance.

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