Clear Span Buildings – Everything Home Builders Should Know

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Written by Andrew Collins

Choosing the correct type of building for your business operations may be a huge task. There are many things to take into consideration, one of them being size, but there is also design and materials. Temporary structures are now common and useful in many businesses. And one of them is Clear Spun buildings. One thing you need to understand is that clear span buildings will provide you with the amount of space you require. It is reliable, and to top it all off, it is cost-effective. What else are you looking for in all of this?

Since the construction is composed of steel with modular building design, the construction process does not take time. With that in mind, let us look at everything home builders should know about clear span buildings.

Meaning of Clear Span Buildings

A clear span building is a form of construction that doesn’t have a column or vertical support needed by most buildings. When there is no column or vertical support, the building becomes useful in very many ways, for instance storage space, warehouse, processing plants, and so many more.

These types of temporary buildings have become popular these days in many businesses that require large space such as warehouse and manufacturing industries. If you are in a business that requires a large space, look no more as clear span buildings will take care of you.

Benefits of Clear Span Buildings

There are numerous benefits that come with the use of clear span buildings. Some include:

  •                 Durability – Clear span buildings are very long-lasting. The reason behind it is that they are made of triple-galvanized structural steel that is of high quality. The coverings of the material are made with a strong weave pattern that is light when you touch it. They can withstand all kinds of corrosion or rust and other harsh conditions.
  •                 Customizable – Clear span buildings can be made to serve all needs. To add the life length of these temporary structures, they have anchors to keep them stronger. The anchors are cheap and also save time because they can be constructed very quickly.
  •                 High quality – Every product deserves to be of high quality no matter what it is being used for. Clear span buildings are made of durable fabric covers on top of steel frames that reduce outside noises. This gives a calm and nice environment.
  •                 Spacing and attachment – Clear span buildings have fast turnaround attachments since there are no vertical column supports needed. Furthermore, the space left in the middle is quite big, hence creating room for storage. You may not be sure on how to construct a clear span building, fortunately, you can always visit Smart-Space and take a look at what they offer.

Uses of Clear Span Buildings

Due to the availability of large space and the longevity, clear span buildings can be used for numerous activities, for instance:

  •                 As a warehouse since they are large and durable. Thanks to the absence of columns in the middle of the structure, users can utilize the available space how they want. For instance, it could be a warehouse for a logistic business.
  •                 As an agricultural building – Clear span buildings are the best agricultural solution, mainly due to their large space and durability. They provide an open space where plants grow in a fresh and clean environment. Lastly, they can be used for animal rearing.
  •                 As a gathering center – Whether you are looking for a shelter to gather for religious function, wedding or any other event, the clear span buildings can come in handy. They are made of different sizes to suit the needs of any event.


Look no further if you are interested in constructing a temporary building for an institution or company, clear span buildings will give you the highest quality and longevity in a building you need. As you can see, they are versatile to suit different situations.

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