6 Places You Can Sell Your Things When You Need the Money Quickly

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Written by Andrew Collins

Sometimes you just need money quickly, especially that time when you’re suffering a cash flow crisis.

The cash flow crisis is a normal life experience. The cash flow crisis can be caused by unexpected emergencies, delayed salaries, bad business months or even budgeting issues. When you’re facing a cash flow crisis, the quickest way to make money is by selling items you no longer need. These are 6 places you can sell your things when you need the money quickly.

Pawn Shops

Selling your old items in a pawn shop is a great way to generate quick cash when you are in a fix. It is easier to try online pawn if you don’t live near a pawn shop. Online pawn shops are convenient and have a way for you to link to your bank account. Jewelry, especially gold jewelry sells so fast in a pawn shop. Most Pawn shops melt the gold and sell it raw. Other items you can sell in a pawn shop are electronics, old coins, and collectibles. Pawnshops require you to present receipts as proof of purchase. Also, you’re required to pay a certain amount of cash for selling your goods fast.

Before taking your stuff up for sale in a pawn shop, first, investigate the real worth of the item you want to sell. You can do that by getting it appraised. Also, it is important to make sure that items are in their best condition. Wipe off any dust. For laptops, make sure you wipe off all personal information before you sell it.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops present a viable fast money-making opportunity. Every consignment shop deals in one line of goods. For you to be able to sell your goods at a better price, first research about the required standards in the consignment shop you want to sell your stuff in. Consignment shops work with either upfront payments or profit-sharing.

In Upfront payments, the store owner selects resalable items from your stuff. After that, the consignment shop owner determines the prices of the stuff, adds them up and pays you either in cash or store credit. Of course, if you’re really in need of cash at the moment, you’ll take the cash. In profit-sharing, the consignment store owner places tags for all your items and places them on the shelves for sale. As the items are sold, you and the store the profit at an agreed rate. If you need cash that day, it is better to go for Upfront payments.

Social Media

Social media is the fastest way to sell your things when you need money quickly. It is quick. All you need to do is take a photo of the item you want to sell and upload it on your preferred social media platform.

Fulfillment By Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon is another amazing place to sell your things when you’re in a cash flow crisis. Amazon is a huge website so you’re guaranteed of getting a greater audience. However, there are charges for listing your item up for sale.


Craiglist has numerous customers. Putting your items up for sale is absolutely free. All you need to do is post photos, set a deadline, add quick details of the item and set the price. The price you set should be competitive.

BuyBack Programs

Buyback Programs include e-Bay Instant Sale, Gazelle, Next worth and BuyBackWorld. Use of BuyBack Programs is the best way to make money from things like used phones, laptops and tablets. The price of the item greatly depends on the quality of the item.

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